At AccessPoint, we are often faced with the question of what makes our team different. Our answer is simple: we care. 

Our Values


For us, caring is more than a method, it is a part of who we are, both as a team and as individuals. Our personal strengths enable us to optimize every asset of our team, while our common values drive our impact as an organization. 

We live our culture and exercise our values every day. We are committed, adaptable, resilient and exceptional. We make a difference by applying these values to everything we do: our work, our company culture, our community service.

"What differentiates us the most is that we have a group of people and a culture where we really care about each other and we really care about our clients."

Greg Packer, AccessPoint CEO

Our Initiative

At the center of our Culture of CARE is our AccessPoint Cares initiative, which promotes individual and company-wide volunteer programs and charitable contributions. 

To quote ourselves, "caring is more than a method, it is a part of who we are, both as a team and as individuals." We said it and we mean it, which is why we partner with local organizations to help care for our communities. 

The organizations we work with provide food, shelter, transportation, employment and health awareness to the communities in which we work and live. Donating our time, resources and awareness to helping others creates the ideal environment for our Culture of CARE to continue to grow and prosper. 

The CARE Wall

In 2011, Detroit native and musician, Kid Rock, painted the word "care" on an abandoned building in the heart of downtown Detroit. The instillation prompted community members and bystanders to write what they cared about on the wall, thus becoming a public representation of the many voices that make up a community. In 2014 Wayne County courts ordered the building to be demolished due to structural issues. The wall has not been replaced. 

Using inspiration from the Detroit community, we at AccessPoint strive to keep the Care Wall alive. Everyday we encourage each other to share what we care about. This small gesture bolsters our Culture of CARE by building our awareness of the individuals we work with ever day. Our own Care Walls stand to remind us of the passions and motivations of our co-workers, community members and partners. This understanding restores our perspectives and invites us to engage with the people around us.

Our Partnerships

Each of our partners contribute to the community by offering essential resources to those in need. Whether it be affordable transportation, a livable home, food and meals or the simple awareness of healthy living, our partners are the true embodiment of CARE. 

Click on the icons below to learn more about each organizations we support.